Activities in the Galapagos Island

Galapagos is the perfect place to practice endless activities, depending on which island you’ll be visiting you’ll have many options, from a calm walk into the highlands to kayaking in some of the most beautiful waters.

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Santa Cruz Island

In Santa Cruz Island you can visit the highlands, where you’ll be able to see the impotent giant turtles, unique to this island.

You can also visit the Charles Darwin Scientific Station where you’ll learn about Galapagos history and their biodiversity preservation programs of the islands.

If what you’d like to see is colonies of sea lions, Santa Cruz and Isabela offer this wonderful spectacle of having this species rest in the sand peacefully.


In Galapagos crystalline water, it’s no necessary to go deep underwater to experience its amazing wildlife.

Close to the surface you’ll find dolphins and playful sea lions that might approach you out of curiosity.

You’ll find sea turtles and be surrounded by many sea birds. Deeper into the waters, you’ll find colorful fishes, rays, even sharks!

Kayaking is an activity that does not require previous experience, only a 5 minutes class from your guide is enough.

You’ll be able to adventure on your own into the beautiful waters of Galapagos, a beautiful experience as you’ll be close to the animals


Each island offers a different landscape, this gives the opportunity to experience a variety of trekking paths.

One favorite among tourists is the Sierra Negra Volcano, a place that reminds the surface of the moon.

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