Adventure Tours in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Rafting in the rainforest

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Few activities are more exciting and visually stunning as rafting in the amazon rainforest, an adrenaline filled adventure with beautiful scenarios surrounding you while you travel downriver.

Ecuador is famous for its numerous whitewater rivers with activities for all ages, from easy, quiet waters, to more extreme rivers, with big waves – Definitely not for the faint of heart!

But what is rafting? An outdoor sport that consists on travelling downriver using the current, on board inflatable rafts, it requires teamwork as you’ll have to paddle.

Safety first!

The safety procedures are quite simple, you’ll use life jackets, helmets and sometimes wet suits. Before the actual trip, you’ll receive a safety talk where the itinerary will be explained and all the moves necessary will be demonstrated and practice.

There is no need to have experience, our guides are certified to teach you the basics and all trips are done with at least one safety kayaker to check for problems ahead and perform rescues if necessary

Our passionate team will make sure to make your experience unforgettable, full of fun and intense emotions. After all the adrenaline of the trip, you’ll be left feeling relaxed!

Jondachi – Hollin

If you’re looking for an exhilarating experience we recommend the Jondachi – Hollin river, with a big and consistent flow, it is considered one of the most beautiful as it is surrounded by the magnificent rainforest scenery.

Here, it’s common to see curious monkeys swinging in the trees and colorful birds along the run, your guide will point out any interesting wildlife and flora, like the orchids growing on the walls of the river.

Travel with our Responsible Travel agents for an outstanding experience and a trill filled adventure!
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