Ecuadorin fisherman village

Different ways of knowing the Ecuadorian coast

The inhabitants of the Ecuadorian coast have a strong relationship with the sea and agriculture this has been reflected in its rich cuisine, its music culture that has a strong African and mestizo influence. In this guide we want to introduce you to a different way to explore this region of Ecuador.

Popular Festivities

The montubio rodeo is a popular festival accompanied by a lot of color, where riders compete and ride, distinguished men, with their typical costumes that have the essential straw hat. They are usually held in small farming towns near the coast.

You can also find parties with a religious theme such as the feast of San Pedro and San Pablo that is celebrated in the province of Manabí, where these two Catholic saints are commemorated by fishermen who offer seafood and products from the area such as an offering in exchange for good fishing.

Ecuadorian fisherman village
Ecuadorian fisherman village

Cacao farms

Ecuadorian Chocolate is known worldwide for its aroma, flavor and quality, but you can live a different experience knowing the cocoa growing process and all the stages of chocolate production.

Cacao plantation


The Ecuadorian coast has a series of very varied and complex ecosystems, at the same time one of them is mangroves that are small forests, which form around the edges of coastal areas and rivers that are ready to flow into the sea, habitat of thousands of unique species such as crabs, shells, among others. They also fulfill the function of protecting the coast against erosion.

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