Discover the mysteries of the Ecuadorian jungle

Ecuador is considered one of the most biodiverse places on the planet because it has four regions with a large number of microclimates and a flora, very large fauna. It highlights the Amazon region that is covered by an extensive and dense jungle that has a very varied ecosystem full of animals and plants, it is also home to a large number of indigenous ethnic groups that have had their customs and traditions intact for hundreds of years there are even some that are voluntarily isolated from the western world.

There are different ways to discover the Ecuadorian jungle you can choose between hikes and expeditions through the extensive Amazon rainforest, make visits to the indigenous communities of the area, or relax in a cabin with all the amenities you can find in the city, but in the middle of an environment full of peace and tranquility. Being an extensive area of ​​the jungle is little explored by what you can undertake, hikers and excursions that can last days and know nature in its purest state.

One of the expeditions to Sumaco, which has a ceiling of 3732 meters, is located in the limits of the province of Napo and Orellana in the southern part of the Amazon, this is the only time that is between of the Sumaco Biosphere Reserve and the Napo Galeras National Park, the expedition lasts about 4 days and the demand is medium high.

There is also the option of knowing a little more about the culture of the inhabitants of the Amazon region, so that some indigenous communities can travel and learn more about their culture, customs and traditions for this reason, about 9 indigenous nationalities each with a unique culture that highlighted the Waoran people who are isolated from the western world.

If you want to complement your trip, you can rest in a hotel that is an eco-sustainable hotel in the middle of the jungle, which has all the luxuries and amenities offered by the Nicky Lodge that is located in the Cuyabeno fauna production reserve and you can Take walks to interact with the communities and get to know Laguna Grande, make trips and get to know the animals of the area.

The Ecuadorian Amazon is the ideal place if you are a person who has an adventurous spirit and an open mind to know new cultures, we are all specialists in creating new experiences.


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