EGT at previous ITB Berlin fairs

Our company is attending the ITB Berlin fair for a 5th year now and with all our gained experience we have great expectations this year!

In previous years, we have showcased the best destinations in Ecuador, in a big effort along with other Ecuadorian expositors, to promote a better tourism for the country.

Ecuador is mostly known for the incredible Galapagos Islands, Darwin inspiration for its evolution theory. As each island its own endemic flora and fauna, there are many landscapes to discover, from sandy beaches to volcanic landscapes that remind of the surface of the moon.

Even thou the Galapagos are amazing, Ecuador has much more to offer for all kinds of passengers.


Ecuador offers a wide variety of landscapes to enjoy, majestic volcanoes, rainforests, cloud forests, paramos, and much more. There are many activities to enjoy these beautiful sceneries like hiking, trekking, horseback riding, etc. You won’t run out of incredible landscapes to discover.


For the more adventurous travelers, an adrenaline-filled trip is always unforgettable while in Ecuador, white water rafting in beautiful rapids while surrounded by the rainforest, zip lining from tree to tree, canopying and experiencing with a birds eye the landscape surrounding you, rappelling down towering waterfalls, you will have your heart racing for sure!


Ecuador is a country that still has very much alive its indigenous culture. While visiting traditional markets, you can hear Kichwa, one of the indigenous languages, and see traditional clothes, often combined with many modern and fashionable accessories. In the rain forest, you can also find Shuar communities, that make an effort to keep their traditions alive.


Relaxation: Ecuador has many natural hot springs that are famous for its health benefits, and incredible accommodations to keep you as relaxed as possible, from traditional colonial haciendas to luxurious modern lodges in the middle of the rain forest.

This year we will continue our efforts to make Ecuador known as the diverse paradise it is, stay tuned to see how it goes!

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