Unique places in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are called by many as the Enchanted Islands and this name is not in vain, because their natural beauty and unique animals have managed to captivate in a unique way many who have managed to make very large contributions to humanity as is Charles Darwin who saw in this archipelago and its peculiar animals a source of inspiration for the theory of evolution.The Galapagos Islands is an experiential destination where you can have a close contact with nature. In this guide we want to give you the best recommendations to carry out experiential tours in the Galapagos.

Scientific station Charles Darwin

Located near Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island, it is one of the main destinations for tourists who arrive to the Galapagos Islands. It is a center for research and preservation of the flora and fauna of the islands. It also has an interpretation center where you can learn about the history of the island and learn about the preservation programs that are carried out.

Diving Cruise

Perhaps the best kept secret of the Galapagos Islands is their marine life despite being a small archipelago there is a great variety of marine animals most of them are unique, the best way to know them is in a specialized cruise that travels the islands and you Take to specific places to practice snorkeling and diving.

 Expedition through the islands

If you are one of the people that likes to combine a tour and spend a moment with yourself, an expedition through the Galapagos Islands is the best option, since you can take walks through ecological trails where you will observe the flora and fauna unique to the area , know paradisiacal beaches observe active volcanoes and admire the unique landscape that these islands offer.
Thanks to our experience and knowledge of Ecuador & Galapagos we can guarantee that your trip will be unique.

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