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Experiential trips in the Ecuadorian Andes

The Ecuadorian Andes keep many mysteries, because of the indigenous civilizations that inhabit the area for thousands of years along with the Spanish colonization, gave way to miscegenation, that’s the fusion of two cultures creating something unique, that’s why we want to recommend the best options to gain deep knowledge of the Andean culture.

Festivities :The best way to know the meaning of miscegenation is the festivities, because they mix catholic elements with indigenous believing. The most important one is the Inti Raymi that happens in the middle of June and it’s given as a thanks from the indigenous peoples for the harvest to Pacha Mama (Goddess of the earth) the celebration is given with tons of music and dancing.

 Know more about the festivities that take place in the Ecuadorian Andes

Indigenous markets: 

If you’re looking to know the about the everydayness of the indigenous people, we recommend that you visit a local market where you’ll find a great variety of products, gastronomy, customs and unique handcrafts. The markets we recommend for you to visit are the Guamote Market, it takes place every Thursday, here you can find unique products from the area, commercialized first hand by the producers. Another option is the Poncho Market of Otavalo, it takes place every Saturday, this place is famous for the handcrafts where you can see indigenous art at its best.


If you’re an adventurer, taking a walk or expedition in the Andes is your best option, there you can find unique landscapes, defying mountains and placid lagoons. Also, you can relax in a Hacienda with colonial style really close to an impotent volcano.

Responsible travel experts will help you create a unique travel towards Ecuador and Galapagos as we have great experience and love very much our job.


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