Fiestas de Quito

The foundation of Quito

Every year in Ecuador, Quito, the capital city, celebrates its foundation with a holiday also known as “Fiestas de Quito” .

6th of December of 1534, was the day the act of foundation was brought to Quito, this day 204 people registered as inhabitants of the newly funded city.

One week before the actual day, Quito starts to fill with its flag colors, red and blue, every corner from restaurant to offices, you’ll see from balloons to flags.

How is celebrated nowadays?

Fiestas de Quito is one of the most important and beloved holiday for the “Quiteños”

In the daytime festivals take the streets, you’ll fill them full of festivals and people enjoying since early times, you will find races of wooden cars, live concerts on the Plazas and streets, marching bands, and much more.

This celebration is all about enjoying with the community. Between friends and colleagues, tournaments of 40 are played, this is a traditional card game common on the Ecuadorian highlands, families and friends meet up to share traditional dishes and drinks, the most highlight is the “Canelazo”, a hot alcoholic beverage, made with “Aguardiente” (Sugar cane alcohol) agua de canela and fruit juice.

In traditional neighborhoods like La Ronda, Plaza Grande and Panecillo, you’ll find the “Chulla Quiteño”, people from all ages dressed as noble characters from the ends of the XIX century.

At night you’ll find parties in every neighborhood, with traditional bands playing the old favorites and new popular bands playing all night. The Chivas are also driving around since early on the day, Chivas are the Ecuadorian party buses.

This is definitely a celebration you can’t miss! Come with us to celebrate this holiday like a true “Quiteño”

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