Guide to choose a lodge in the Amazon

The Ecuadorian Amazon is characterized by being one of the most biodiverse places on the planet where nature takes center stage. Here you can find the perfect place to rest and seek peace. But that does not mean that comfort and luxury are in the background, so in this guide we want to show you the best lodges in the Ecuadorian Amazon.There are several areas where lodges are located, among which are Cuyabeno, Alto and Bajo Napo, you also have the option of taking a cruise through all these areas. The Cuyabeno National Park is home to more than 60 species of orchids. 12,000 species of plants and exotic animals such as the pink dolphin, tapir and anacondas, are also present in several indigenous communities such as the Siona, Secoya and Shuar. There is the Nicky Lodge that offers us the comfort and all the facilities from there you can undertake tours to the Laguna Grande, Zancudo Cocha and Largatococha you can also interact with the communities of the area with a native guide.

Nicky Lodge

Along the lower part of the Napo River are the nature reserves, indigenous villages and the immense Yasuni National Park. From small cabins you can begin your exploration in this land of rivers, in the Tiputini, Nashiño, Cononaco, Yasuní and other tributaries that bathe the enormous extension of the park. Here you can find La Selva Lodge & Spa, which combines comfort with luxury and adventure, is ideal for all types of travelers who wish to explore something new, and can also organize expeditions to the Yasuní National Park.

La Selva lodge

The area along the upper Napo River offers an opportunity to get a first glimpse of the dense rainforest without departing from the population centers. Here you can make expeditions in canoe and learn more about the flora and fauna of the place. We found the Casa del Suizo on the banks of the Napo River that has all the amenities and from there you can take canoe trips around the area to know the nearby communities and meet a small butterfly farm.

La casa del Suizo

If you want to delve into the depth you can take a cruise and cross the main rivers, know the communities of the shores and observe the animals in their natural stateThe Amazon keeps many secrets without a doubt the best way to know them is through an excursion, so we are the best alternative to get to know them thanks to our experience, professionalism and care that we have when organizing our tour.


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