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How to choose the best lodge in the Ecuadorian rainforest

The Amazon rainforest is an extense paradise, here you can find all kinds of lodges, and experiences, choosing the best lodge for you depends mainly on your interests and the travel style you are looking for


Archidona: Just about 3 hours from Quito, is perfect for a quick getaway but still close to civilization.

Cuyabeno Reserve: About 8 hours from Quito, the Cuyabeno Reserve offers a balanced experience between solitude and easy to reach lodges.

Yasuni National Park: About 13 hours from Quito, escape to luxurious lodges, in the heart of the Amazon.


There are many numerous activities to practice, and the itinerary varies from lodge to lodge. You can choose a fully packed itinerary where you would wake up early in the morning and return to your lodge late in the night after a whole day of adventure with canoe riding, trekking, wildlife watching, etc., or a choose-your-adventure kind of itinerary, where you are given a “menu” of activities and you can choose what you would like to do each day.


From simple lodges run by the community to luxury lodges, there is something for everyone. The less expensive lodges are usually in Archidona, in Cuyabeno you can find from simple to first class, and in the Yasuni, some of the most luxurious.


Isolation from civilization: Stay at isolated lodges in the deepness of the rainforest, surrounded only by nature in one of the most biodiverse places in the world, learn about the culture and traditions of the indigenous people and share experiences with them.

First class relaxation: Stay at luxurious lodges and relax in a spa in the deepness of the rainforest, enjoy gastronomic food with panoramic views, and wind down with delicious cocktails.

Community involvement: Learn about ancient traditions and way of life of the indigenous people while getting involved in the community, make cassava flatbread, participate in guayusa rituals, and much more.

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