Romantic places in Ecuador

Romantic Places in the Ecuadorian Highlands

Looking for a magical place to celebrate your honeymoon or live a unique experience with your partner, there is a special site surrounded by beautiful landscapes with imposing mountains, warm valleys and a great ancestral culture. The Ecuadorian Andes are the destination you should visit. In this guide we want to make you aware of our recommendations so that you have a unique experience.


Located in southern Ecuador, Cuenca is a city with a well-preserved colonial historic center, where small streets blend with 19th century architecture. The city is crossed by four rivers which give a romantic charm at night and you can contemplate the sunset from a cafe in the center of the city.

Cuenca Ecuadorian highlands

Colonial hacienda in the Andes

The Ecuadorian Andes are an agricultural area where in the colonial era there were a large number of cattle ranches that with the passage of time, many of the hacienda houses, became luxury hotels surrounded by towering mountains. It is the ideal place to disconnect from the world for a moment and have a romantic evening.

Hacienda Zuleta Ecuadorian highlands
Hacienda Zuleta

Expeditions through the Ecuadorian Andes

If you are looking for a bit of adventure an expedition through the Ecuadorian Andes is the best option, you have several options that include an ascent to the majestic Cotopaxi, trekking along the avenue of volcanoes, or camping near the Quilotoa lagoon known for having waters Turquoise color, you can also know the indigenous communities of the area.

Landscape ecuadorian andes

Cruise train

Live a unique experience aboard the Crucero Train that goes from Quito to Guayaquil, crossing the Andes. As you advance you will find the Devil’s Nose which is a mountain where the train descends in a zigzag shape about 500 meters to continue the way to the Ecuadorian coast, here you can admire the landscape of the Andean valley and know the history as it was built the Ecuadorian railroad

Train ecuadorian andes                                                                                         Devil ´s noise ecuadorian highlands

Ecuador is a place to fall in love so much for its landscapes and the warmth of its people the experts of Responsible travel will take care that your trip becomes a unique experience, because we have a wide experience in tourism in Ecuador and Galapagos


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