Spondylus Route

The Spondylus route is a journey that travels through some of the best coast landscapes of Ecuador. During this experience you will discover from beautiful beaches to archeological sites, gastronomy, adventure, and much more. This route is also called the Ruta del Sol (In English: Sun route)

Spondylus is the name of the sacred mollusk, also known as Thorny oyster, worshipped as a symbol of abundance by the Pre-Columbian cultures, it was used as coin for exchanges, in rituals, in pieces as jewelry, and ground into powder as architectural decoration.

Along this route besides knowing about the pre-columbian cultures, you will known towns and places that are important to the ecuadorian culture like Montecristi, where you can learn about the Toquilla hats (Also known as Panama hats) or the fishing towns of the Manabi province, known for their rich cuisine, where seafood, cassava and plantains are always present.

Travelling from south to north we start in Salinas, a town known for its popular beaches, in La Chocolatera you have a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, from here you can see the humpback whales travel in the migratory season, sea lions and dolphins are also visible.

From here we continue, visiting Montañita town, a surfers paradise, where national and international competitions are held. This small town is surrounded by small mountains, is located on a valley, and most of its visitants are young people that love adventures and water sports.

Continuing northwards you will find the National Park Machalilla, taking a boat from Puerto Lopez you will find Isla de la Plata, also known as a small Galapagos, here you will some of the endemic species for which Galapagos is famous, blue footed boobies, frigate birds and sea turtles are the seen animals.

This route has beautiful sceneries and if you want to know the ecuadorian coast is one of the best ways, with a mixture of beautiful and relaxing beaches with the incredible culture. Come travel with us to discover more!

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