The Chocó Andino Biosphere reserve

The Chocó Andino was recognized by the UNESCO as a new biosphere reserve in 2018 and is the 7th just in Ecuador.

Over 700 species live here, 270 species of mammals, 210 species of reptiles, 200 species of birds and 130 of amphibians.

Among the most curious are: the spectacled bear, the black-eared shag, the cock-in-the-rock, olingos, tigrillos, macaws, toucans, and many more.

It is one of the 25th biological hotspots due to the high concentration of endemic species, along with the Amazon and Galapagos.

This protected area has over 286,805 hectares, and is composed of dozens of interconnected habitats, with 8 ecosystems, 20 protected forests and a protected area.

With the diversity of altitudes, it is possible to travel through many habitats in a relatively short period of time, and like this, having the opportunity to see some of the great variety of wildlife that lives in different ecosystems, from the humid forest lowlands to the northern Andean Mountain forests.

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