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The jungle and its little-known inhabitants

The Ecuadorian Amazon is considered one of the least explored areas of Ecuador in both flora and fauna and culture which is characterized by having a strong connection with nature. The indigenous peoples of the Amazon, are distinguished by their traditions, clothing, language in addition to having extensive knowledge of the jungle. There are about 9 indigenous nationalities that are distributed throughout the region, some of them are in a state of voluntary isolation from the western world as they live inside the exuberant jungle.

Among the main indigenous nationalities that inhabit are:

Amazon Kickwas:

They are located in the north-western part of the Ecuadorian Amazon region, are settled in the upper area of ​​the Napo Province, Sucumbíos. Kichwa is the mother tongue and the second language is Spanish, a language left as the heritage of Spanish domination.


Two countries are Peru and Ecuador, in Ecuador they are in the province of Sucumbíos, canton Shushufindi, and in the canton Cuyabeno, parish Tarapoa, on the banks of the Aguarico river. Its territory is 39414.5 ha, its language is the paicoca and the approximate number of inhabitants is 380; They are organized in three communities.


The Shuar nationality has presence in Ecuador and Peru, in our country it is located in the provinces of Morona Santiago, Pastaza and Zamora Chinchipe, there are other settlements in Sucumbíos and Orellana in the Amazon and, in the Litoral Region, in Guayas and Emeralds According to estimates of the Shuar, their population is 110000 inhabitants (1998), settled in approximately 668 communities.


They are called wao, which means “people”. They are divided into several subgroups: Toñampare, Quenahueno, Tihueno, Quihuaro, Damuintaro, Zapino, Tigüino, Huamuno, Dayuno, Quehueruno, Garzacocha (Yasuní River), Quemperi (Cononaco River) Mima, Caruhue (Cononaco River) and Tagaeri. This indigenous nationality in particular stands out because many of its members live in voluntary isolation from the western world.


They have presence in Colombia and Ecuador. In Ecuador they are in the Province of Sucumbíos, Putumayo canton, Puerto Bolívar parish; and in the Shushufindi canton, San Roque Parish. Its approximate population is 350 and 400 inhabitants, dispersedly settled, in three communities: Puerto Bolívar, Bi’aña and Orahuëaya.

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The Amazonian indigenous people are considered as guardians of the jungle because of the respect they have and harmonious coexistence with nature. The best way to get to know a country is through its culture, so we recommend you start the expedition in a lodge where you can relax and also know more about this mystical, but disturbing world that hides in the jungle

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