Types of trips you can do on the Ecuadorian coast

Ecuador has about 2000 km of coastal strip bathed by the Pacific Ocean is an area characterized by its good climate, so it becomes a very paradisiacal destination, you can also find a very rich cuisine based on seafood and local products where bananas takes center stage There is a rich culture where traditions of the Afro-Ecuadorian people and the mestizo population are mixed.
If you are a fan of the beach, we recommend you take a tour of the so-called route of the sun that begins in the province of Esmeraldas and covers most of the coastal profile. There you can visit many beaches, among which Puerto López stands out, where you can observe the humpback whales in their mating ritual. Visiting the beach of Los Frailes is a very good option if you want to connect with nature since it is located in the middle of a dry forest within the Machalilla National Park.

We leave you a post where we recommend the best beaches you can meet in Ecuador.

If you want to delve more into the culture, you can take a tour in a cocoa farm and learn more about the process of cultivation and production of fine aroma cocoa that is known worldwide as one of the best in the world with which the best chocolates are prepared and it is part of the menu of the most exclusive restaurants.

If you wish to further complement your trip, travel along a part of the coast aboard the cruise train and get to know the history of the railroad that linked Quito with Guayaquil, which crosses the cloud forest and in the middle of large rice, cocoa and banana plantations. But without leaving aside the security, comfort and luxury that this train offers you.

Finally, you can not leave without visiting Guayaquil which is a metropolis that never rests, considered as the economic capital of Ecuador, where you can find many tourist sites and stands out for the warmth of its people. Cheer up to live a new adventure we know how to create new expertise.

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